Another beautiful day on the Crik!

  It’s Friday at Old Cypress Canoe Rentals!!! It wus another beautiful day out here on the crik.  Cooder and the Old Cypress Crew wus hard at work again plantin’ azaleas and workin’ on tha sign post out front.  We still found time to take a dip in Holmes  Crik.  The water is great!!! Y’all need to get yer tails down here and see it for yerself.  Tha water level is droppin’ more ‘n more everyday.  Tha Crik will  be back to it’s purdy, green color real soon.   Watch out for them swarms of skeeters!!! Make sure y’all bring plenty of bugspray.

Cooder Report is LOW, today.  Y’all should wear flip-flops and a sun hat.  Sunday is lookin’ like a pretty fine day to be out on the crik.  Y’all should give the folks at Old Cypress a call.  See ya on the Crik! Requip

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Old Cypress Canoe Rentals, LLC is a canoe and kayak rental service located along

the majestic, Holmes Creek located in Washington County, FL. We are a new business looking to live in harmony with our surroundings and to make improvements wherever possible. Old Cypress Canoe Rentals, LLC is a privately

owned, small business which is operated out of our home. We want to provide fast, easy, safe and high quality service to our customers. Old Cypress Canoe Rentals, LLC is appealing to a variety of markets including the high tourism traffic of Panama City, Beach and the local surrounding communities.

We are also in the process of founding a community organization which will focus on keeping North West Florida’s waterways clear, clean and sparkling. Old Cypress Canoe Rentals, LLC is committed to keeping Washington County Clean with garbage precautions and recycling.

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